Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Snacks

Snacks! I love snacks! I love food! Which is one of my problems. I started losing weight in 2005 mainly due to running. I was approximately 40 pounds heavier than I am now. Over the past eight years one thing has been consistent, between October and February of the next year I put weight back on, thankfully not the 40 pounds but anyhwere between ten and twenty pounds and then February/ March rolls around and I get mad and work on losing it again. I am tired of the roller coaster. One of the biggest reasons for the roller coaster is food but its also lack of exercise. Between the shorter days, kids school work, house/family stuff not to mention the holidays I just give up on watching what I eat and exercise. My goal this year is to not do it again. One thing I plan on doing is running more, I have signed up and/or plan to sign up for races to guarantee that I stay focused on fitness. So the next thing I need to watch is food consumption. I am on Pinterest and search it almost on a daily basis for healthy family dinner recipes that taste good and that aren't heavy in calories or other bad crap. So that leaves snacking! I try to find yummy quick to grab snacks that satisfy the sweet tooth, or salt tooth or whatever! One thing I found are Dole Banana Dippers with Almonds I get them at Walmart they are so yummy and you still get the satisfaction of frozen yummy goodness, like ice cream! Just on a side note I am putting this out there, my goal is to be the same weight I am today on Christmas day. This may sound odd to some people but like I said I have had issues for the past 8 years of roller coaster weight, so maybe putting it in writing will make it more concrete in my mind and make it easier for me to stick to it. Plus I am competitive too, so this a challenge to myself to not gain weight! LOL! :)

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