Saturday, October 12, 2013


I just saw this meme on facebook (Distant Runners).This is so true. Three months ago I had no idea I would be able to run a half marathon. It wasn't until about three weeks ago my husband and I had gone out for a run. He was going to do ten and I was going to do my first 12 miles. I led and was able to pretty much maintain 9 minute 30 second miles. When he stopped at ten miles (his longest run) he made a comment about how he did pretty good for not having trained. When I finished we were discussing the run and he admitted that me leading helped to keep him going but that it was a bit rough maintaining that speed for so long and that's when it dawned on me. It was the training! I had not realized until that moment the affect that the training had on me. I will never doubt training again! 


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