Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Layouts

I finally took pictures of the layouts I did over the weekend, the ones I didn’t like very much. Surprisingly the more I look at them the more I like them. I think its because I have forgotten how it was supposed to look and have accepted the way the do look, or something like that anyway. However, the one thing that I really, really, really love is my Gypsy. This thing is so awesome. I have been spending so much time playing with it: planning out my layouts, searching through the carts I do own to try to find the right cuts I want for each layout, fiddling with sizes etc. These two layouts I did not plan on the Gypsy however the three that I have been working on this week were and I have loved how they have turned. I think that I have used the Cricut more in the last week than I had like the first year I had it. Usually I would get to lazy to pull out each book and try to imagine and picture what would look best or try to guess what exact size I needed without wasting paper so I usually just gave up and just used it for the title or maybe a flower. I am finally using my carts to their almost full potential. Anyway, here’s the layouts:

005Left side: Sugar and Spice were cut out using Jubilee cartridge and the sucker I used Paisley (I so love this cartridge), sweet ws also cut out using Paisley. I put stickles on the words and the swirly thing on the sucker. The bottom of the picture on the left  I used a MS border punch.

006the words on this one, I used a different cartridge for each word. And was all one word, everything I cut using the Wild Card cartridge. The saying was actually thanks for everything but I was able to hide the other words and just use everything which is one of the best thing about the Gypsy.

007I think I used Jubilee for the letters on this one but I’m not absolutely positive. I’m still not 100% on this one but its better than the 40% I was a few days ago. I’m just really glad I have the pictures of my son and hubby working on this together!



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