Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scrappin’ Space

I finished two layouts today! Don’t really like the way they turned out though! UGH! I really hate when what you picture in your head does not translate onto paper. I did get pictures though and will share them. But first I wanted to share my scrap space. I had done this a few years ago, but I have changed things a bit since. My hubby helped me and things are a bit more organized and laid out then they were.


The shelf on the left I had it just sitting on my desk before but it obviously gave me more space hanging from the wall. The corkboard on the right used to be where the new shelf is hanging and halfway hidden by the corkboard. Now I have more room to hang stuff from. On my table is a layout waiting to happen. Its one of the ones I finished today. To the right of my Cricut is a basket full of cotton yarn and under that is my drawers of stickers, flowers, etc. and paper.

002Another view of the shelf hanging up. And then some drawers and doodad holders.

003Close up of the things on my shelf! My rainbow of STICKLES!!!!!

004Under the table are drawers with more scrappy stuff.


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