Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol Results Show

Lee Dewyze!!! Can’t wait to hear him! Group sing----it started off good,except they seem to have microphone problems or something. Jacob you could only hear about two words, then the girls came in and you couldn’t hear them at all. The chorus they seem to have it all back together. Whew cuz that was about to be bad! I am pretty sure they are lip synching so I don’t know what happened with that. It sounded a lot better than last week that was for sure, even with the sound errors. I have always loved the group commercials, I always think they are so cute and look like would be so fun to make and be a part of.

Jacob-you’re safe (ugh)

Lauren-you’re safe

Casey- you’re safe (double ugh)

Hayley-Bottom 3 (woohoo)


Lee Dewyze—started off a bit awkward then I heard the voice I loved last year! Great job!

Scotty-You’re safe (WOOHOO)

Pia- omg she looks like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin---anyway-she’s safe

James-You’re safe (woohooo)

Stephano-You’re safe

Naima-I just love her personality no matter what-bottom 3 (BOOHOO)and I did vote for her Smile with tongue out

Karen-bottom 3(woohoo)

Thia-stop begging-you’re safe

I had a feeling it was going to be all girls (again) in the bottom 3.

Black Eyed Peas!! Love this song! Fergie looks really pretty.

And another commercial

Has anyone seen the new Cricut cartridges coming out this month? Wow! They look so awesome. The pop up cards one looks so cool I want it like right now. And there’s the damask one I think it’s called…something like that..but it looks so pretty and I think there was one more that I wanted but I can’t remember. I have added them to my list of must have cricut cartridges! and the commercials are still going on! UGH!

Back to Idol-YES! Naima is safe!!!!!!


Hayley is safe

Wow I think that was the best I have ever heard Karen sing. Will they save her? Nope


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