Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol

I love American Idol, but I'm not sure I love these contestants as much as the judges seem to. My favorites are James, Scotty and Naima

Naima- man I really wish she would go back to singing like she did during the auditions. I love her energy, stage presence and her voice but she has been sounding so off the last two weeks. I hope if she makes it she just sings next week until she can work on putting her movements, singing and energy all together.

Paul- I don't know what to think about him. I did like his performance last night a lot better than last week. I did discover that if I closed my eyes or didn't look at the t.v. it sounded a lot better. His dancing and that arm going up and down is so distracting


James- Love Bon Jovi- I don't think he was as good as last week, but I still really like him. And its not like he was horrible last night just a little off. I think all of the contestants are either sick, getting over being sick, or about to be sick.

Haley-all kinds of weird, including the lipstick smeared all over her teeth and chin! Randy mentioned that she need to figure out who she is because she is singing all different genres etc. But I don't mind that, to me she's just singing songs that she likes. However I really thought she was singing out of her nose last night and it was very irritating.

Stefano- I definitely think this was the best he has ever done.

Pia- don't get me wrong she has a great voice, but she is so pageantry to me. She reminds me of Kathryn McPhee from a few seasons ago. And I didn't like Kathryn.

Scotty-I just love him! It drives me so crazy that everyone gets so irritated that he always sings country. When I like someone I want to hear them sing something other than what I fell in love with them for. I love Nickelback but if they suddenly came out with a country album I would be scratching my head. I think with Haley she is still trying to find herself which is why she is singing everything. Scotty already knows what he wants why does he have to change?

Karen-to overly dramatic

Casey- Screamy, Screamy, Screamy!

Lauren Alaina- I want to like her, and she's not bad singing. I actually like her singing but I think she is a bit to immature. But it doesn't come across with her singing just when she is just doing her interviews. But considering she is only 15/16 I guess that is understandable.

Jacob-I have not liked at all and last night did not help. I never saw the one song he sang that everyone has raved about but from what I have seen he hasn't done good since that song that was supposedly so wonderful.

So I don't know who is leaving I just hope its not one of my faves! I'm thinking Karen, Haley or Jacob/Casey


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