Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Working Girl

That’s what I was today, and it looks like I am going to be that for the rest of the week! Woohooo because of the $$$$, boohoo because of no crafting time!!! Hubby is going to a friends house friday night, I think, to “jam”. So I think I will work on my cards then! I have a plan!!! Today was a lot less hectic than yesterday! THank goodness! I thought I was losing my mind yesterday! It helped that I knew what I was doing today and planned for that rather than being totally thrown for a loop yesterday. I even managed to get some time on the treadmill today..45 minutes to be exact. I do have all the cuts ready to go on my gypsy and all the paper picked out for my cards. I did realize that I have, I think, 2 more thank you cards to make then I originally thought. I just have to double check my list and see if it is 1 or 2 more. I can’t wait til I get a chance to do it! I may even do a scrapbook page or 2. I am thinking about doing one about my new twin nephews that were born last June. I have about 100 pictures of their first two months of birth printed out just siting in my basket collecting dust. I may even, if I feel adventurous make a scrapbook for my sister. But I don’t’ know about that. I am afraid I will start and never get finished and I will hate that. I have way to many unfiinished projects sitting around. One other goal that I do have that I have yet spoke out loud or on this blog is to blog everyday this year. So far I have done it, but its only been four days…..lets see how long I can go! Now I’m off to go catch up on all the blogs I follow and look for a new background for this one!



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