Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to normal..

Ugh! So much for me getting my Thank you cards done by Wednesday. Hopefully by this weekend. I found out this morning that I needed to go to one of our other offices to work as admin. I really enjoy it, but when I have plans to do one thing and something else comes up that stinks. The other frustrating thing about that was that I had to come home to change before I could go over to the other office, only my father in law had my house keys. I thought the set that I had was the spare, except it wasn’t. So no biggie right since my father in law lives down the street. Only he wasn’t home and no one knew where he was. I was freaking out til I remembered that I had an extra key for their house. Funny how I have a spare key for my in laws house but not my own..anyway.. I managed to get changed and out to the other office by 11:30. I think I am going to be out there all week. Yea for the money!!! Boo for not getting any crafting time in. I’m now watching the new season of The Bachelor. The 2nd season with Brad Womack. What an idiot he is! Or are the women the idiots???



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