Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Five days in a row?!?!?! WOW!!

Wow! What a shock I have posted on my blog for five days in a row!!! I also just realized that I never went and looked for a different background for the blog! OOPS! Today was another boring day at the office! What fun! But I got paid for it! So wooohooo!!! I did realize that my son has a basketball game on Friday, which was my planned night to make my thank you cards. The game is at 6 though we should be home by 8, so as long as I stay motivated I should still be able to come home and get to work on them rather than sit in front of the tv. Especially since Friday is no longer really a good day for tv. Remember back in the day when Fridays had some of the best tv on it? I’m watching Paula Abdul’s new show, Live to Dance. It looks pretty cute. I guess the first episode was on last night but I was watching Biggest Loser instead. Paula is totally different than when she was on American Idol. I don’t know if I will continue to watch this show but it’s a good show to watch when nothing else is on at 8pm on Wednesday night. Anyway, as you can tell I like to ramble…a lot. And tend to jump from one topic to another. I even confuse myself sometimes! Well have a good night!!!!! See you tomorrow for my 6th day of blogging in 2011!!!!!


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