Sunday, January 02, 2011

To craft or not to craft!

I had so much fun messing around with my gypsy yesterday! I have a few files on it that I need to cut out so that I can make my Christmas thank you cards. The thank is already cut out. I should probably get in there and finish them up, since we all go back to school/work tomorrow and I don’t know if I will have or make time after that. The only thing so far that is really bugging me about the gypsy is I can’t figure out if you can do fit to page. I have looked all through the directions and have looked through so many messages on the boards that my eyes are starting to cross, but can’t find anything. I am guessing you can’t do it but if you can’t do it then how do you make sure that you get..for example..a box at the max cut out size. I have tried to enlarge it just using the increase button but it looks weird to me when I do that. I have printed out a file someone made for the wild cards cart that shows the max size for the cards. I wonder if someone has something similar for tags, bags boxes and more??? Hmmm….


Oh and totally forgot! I need to get these Christmas decorations down, except I don't want to. Mainly because I looooove, love, love Christmas time, but the other reason is because there is so much stuff! ARGH!


  1. The only way to do a fit to page is like you said increasing it...a tip is that you can also increase the size of the cursor by changing your size before you place any items on the mat...if using the Expression then I will change my cursor to 11 inches and that way I only have to increase it a little can on some things also unlink the ratio between height and width to get things to really fill the page, but don't do that if you are working with a 3D item like a box or bag...HTH...and if you don't already follow
    then do so...she has a great Q&A session on the Gypsy

  2. thank you so much!!


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