Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad news and updated knits

Well first thing, our cat is missing and it really sucks. He is declawed so we never intended for him to be an outside cat. But we have been having some problems with him spraying,even though he has been fixed and a neighbor suggested letting him outside once in awhile. He said he had a similar experience with his own cat and that worked. He was able to train him to stay in their yard and he stopped spraying in the house. Well at first Neptune was terrified to go outside he was a majory scaredy cat. So we didn't push him. Within the last week he seemed to get more comfortable so when we let our dog out we would let Neptune out as well. Usually he just sat on the back porch and looked around but sometimes he would venture farther but even when he did that he always came right back. Well the other night I let him out by himself he kept on running from the front to the back door mewing and pawing at the door. So I let him out then I went to go get my daughter out of the shower and after that I went to check on him. He was nowhere. My daughter and I went outside in the front and the back looking for him, calling him nothing. When my son and hubby came home they went all over looking for him. Yesterday I drove around our neighborhood several times looking for him and when hubby came home he took our son and they walked all over knocking on people's doors asking. We can't find him anywhere. Ugh! He is such an awesome cat too. He is very cuddly and friend and absolutely loves attention and people. I sure hope he comes home. I just made a flyer and my hubby is going to print it out at work and we are going to hang it up around the neighborhood. Here is a picture of him
Okay now on to my knitting. I finished the blue round cloth the other day. I was so excited it turned out really nice. The only problem its not supposed to have a hole in the middle. But according to my hubby it still looks nice. I have since learned how to close up the hole which is good because as soon as I finished the blue one I started on a similar cloth! Here is the finished blue one:

So then like I said I started another one. I finished it last night. For some reason the ending part, the part that is supposed to make the seam didn't match up so I had to adjust it a little bit. And the stitches in some parts are really loose. But I think it looks nice. I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet.

The last two knitted related items are going to be the feather and fan cloth I made using Sugar's and Cream self striping yarn. It is so cool. The color reminds me of easter eggs. However it didn't stripe perfectly I wonder if you have to start at a certain spot in the yarn in order for it to stripe evenly. And last but not least is the mystery KAL pattern that I am still working on. I think I am going to make a table runner for the table in the hallway. I have a whole cone of yarn so I should have enough. This looks really neat I love the waves on the sides.
And finally this isn't knitting or scrapbooking related, well I guess it could kinda be scrapbooking related since I used a bunch of my scrap paper to make it plus I also got the idea from a scrapbooking magazine soo...... But anyway this is my blog and if I want to post something unrelated to the topic well than I will! lol Anyway my daughter is in kindergarten and has a list of 40 words she has to learn. I really wish I had done this about four months ago but I guess better late than never. So I bought these business card sized self laminating cards from Wally world and printed out all the words then cut patterned scrap paper to the size I needed and glued the words front and back then laminated them and then punched a hole through them and stuck them on the ring. Her list of words has been hanging by the chair where she eats at and she never looks at it. Now since we have had these she looks at them all the time!

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