Friday, March 27, 2009


Neptune came back! We came home from dinner tonight and the guy that lives three doors down was walking down to our house. When we got out of the truck the guy said I think your cat is in my garage. So Nate and Joey went down there and sure enough it was Neptune. Nate had talked to the guy two days ago and the guy said he hadn't seen him so he doesn't think he was in the garage long. So we have no idea what he has been doing for the last three days or where he has been at. I don't think he has ate much since as soon as he came home he went right to his food and started inhaling, he wasn't even chewing. He seems to be pretty shook up and just kinda wandering around the house rubbing up agaisnt everything and purring. Zina, our dog, is totally confused too, lol!

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