Friday, March 20, 2009

Mystery KAL's and Pages done!

On Monday I started two Mystery KAL's(knit alongs) from two different yahoo groups I belong to. I have participated in one in a long time and I am so happy I decided to join in on these two. The first one is the white (ecru)yarn on the cone.I have posted two pictures, the first one is after day 2 and the second picture is after day 4. I wasn't sure about this color but the patterned called for like 9 oz. of yarn and I didn't have enough of that yarn in one color so I had to buy a cone from Walmart. This one has a ton of k2t, and YO's but it is looking so pretty and the fact that I have not had to redo any rows so far is really awesome! I can't wait to see what this will look like when its done!

This next one I am so excited about. I am pretty sure if I knew how it was going to turn out I would of not done it all but since I had no clue I gave it a try and am so happy I did and I am already planning the next cloths I am going to make just like it. The first picture was taken I believe after the first day and teh second picture was taken after the 4th day. Isn't it so pretty. I can't wait to try it out on other colors. I had knit two other dishcloths for my mom using oh crap I can't remember the name of the yarn but its the acrylic/cotton combo because my mom says she loves the dishcloth I made her with that and wanted another one, so I made her two. I was planning on sending them out to her today but I am going to wait until this one is done so that I can send her this too.

Now to my scrapbooking, I completed two pages last weekend and started on a third (which is still sitting here on my desk in front of me, its halfway done) Anyway this one is pics from 2004 my daughter was 10 months old and the little girl I was babysitting at the time was 3 months. The lettering for the phrase and their names and ages was all done with my cricut and I added my favorite thing FLOWERS! The black "lines" in that are above and below the word girls is a rub on. I wasn't planning on adding those but GIRLS looked so plain I knew I had to add something and it worked somewhat. I also used a new trick I learned on the word little it is all one word that was "welded" together,I love that feature on the cricut!

I absolutely love the colors on this page. You can't see it very well but my daughter has pajamas on in the picture and they are yellow, pink and purple. The yellow ribbon going down is this felt flowery ribbon stuff I got at Michael's from their $1 bins of ribbon I got pink and orange too its so pretty. I also used stickles on this page which you realy can't tell buts it on the little white journaling box I just added some pink stickles to give it a little more color. And the date is actually written with this liquid embossing stuff. Again the letters and the flourish on the side was made with my cricut. Oh and I discovered something other than regular flowers that i love blingy flowers. Down in the left hand corner is a blingy flower in pink, purple and yellow!

As soon as I finish the flowery/windmill dishcloth I will be posting a picture of it and hopefully adding other ones I have completed successfully. My only concern is that I think I will have to stitch it together to complete it and I have never done that and I am a horrible stitcher so we shall see. And I hope to get finished with this layout in front of me this weekend. I am now up to 16 completed layouts out of 52 and 4 completed dishcloths out of 24! On a totally different topic: TELEVISION: Two of my favorite shows were on this weekend American Idol and Grey's Anatomy. As far as AI goes I totally think it stinks that Alexis went home. She wasn't my favorite but there are few a lot worse than her that should of been the ones to come home and I can't believe she is gone and they are still there. However this is AI and one of these years I will get used to this happening. I would really like Adam to go because he freaks me out and I am so tired of him screaming at me. But apparently people find him hot, sexy and relevant! UGH! And Grey's oh my. My poor Derek and Meredith why do they always have to make them dark and twisty why can't they ever be happy and straight for more than one episode? I so wanted to see a scene of Derek digging in the woods looking for the ring or even funnier Derek, Callie and Hunt in the woods digging for the ring all drunk!


  1. I love the dishcloth, from your other group. Congrats on no mistakes so far! Your windmill cloth looks pretty in a solid color, too. Great job.

    Cute grandkids on the scrapbooking pages. The 10-month old child looks huge, next to the 3-month-old child. They sure grow fast, don't they?

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    Thank u :-) check out that emo boy one at this blog:


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