Friday, March 13, 2009

EEEK! I am getting behind.I lost that scrappin mojo I had at the begining of the year. I haven't worked on a layout in a month! Well actually I'm not behind..yet. Its the end of week ten and I have 14 layouts completed and I want to do 52 this year which means a layout a week. So I am ahead by four. I am working on a layout at the moment but since I got my cricut dispite the fact taht I have five million things I can embellish my pages with I can't think of anything past doing this or that on my cricut and then letting it go. Which means all these pretty pretties just sit there. Or I do decided to use something and none of the stuff I have matches my pictures or paper. UGH! I did discover a wonderful new product, well new to me anyway...Stickles!!! Its glitter glue. It is so wonderful and dries so nice. I actually think I talked about it already but that's another thing its been awhile since I updated my blog. I still haven't even added the last layout I did a month ago yet. And it really didn't turn out to bad even though it was a holiday layout and I get panicky when I do holiday layouts. I am excited though because I figured out how to shadow letters on the cricut. Not sure if that's what its called though. I guess it might be since you have to hit the shadow button in order to do it. The layout I am doing right now has the letters on it that I shadowed so when I get that done you will be able to see what I mean. Another thing I have become addicted to is blog hopping. There are such amazing fantastic blogs out there. I love just sitting and looking at all the neat, pretty things people create. And one blog leads me to another one and another one leads me to...well you get the point....Anyway I am now going to add my Fourth of July layout I did a month ago...
July 4th 2004-the stickles on this page is all around the USA. I did the USA and the 4th of July letterin with my cricut. There are also little white flowers next to the USA that are very similar to he hearts in Kaitie's outfit.

On this side the stickles are around the red sworly thing that the fireworks pictures are on.

Anyway that is all for now. I need to get back to this current page I am working on and hopefully have it done by tomorrow!

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