Sunday, January 04, 2009

This page was done on Friday before I ran out of adhesive. The page title is The Smiffs. The pics were taken in October 2000. This was a scraplift from one of my Creating Keepsakes magazines the best scrapbook magazine I have ever seen! I was a bit mad with myself because usually when I do the three pics on the side like that I put them all on the paper and then cut out the entire thing, however I did them individually and you can tell in person when you look at it where the white paper connects

Kait and her first scrapbook kit! She was so excited when I got this for her yesterday she packed everything up in her backpack and carried it around for the rest of the night. Today we sat down and worked on three pages together. Her doing most of the work. It was hard for me to just sit back and let her "decorate" her pages since a lot of it didn't match or go with the picture. She would say mom this is my scrapbook. By the third page she had total control! lol

Page 1 with the yellow polka dotted page, page two with the green background and page three is below.

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