Saturday, January 03, 2009

No scrappin or knittin done today. I ran out of adhesive last night and got some from walmart today. I looked through all there christmas clearance stuff but only found a few MS stuff as far as crafty stuff was concerned and then it was only glitter and the stamp sheets. I do have to go back tomorrow to check them out again since now I have a better understanding of them thanks to the great (enabling) people in the cricutlovers group. I had a 50 percent off coupon for Michaels and a gift card i was planning on using this week but completely forgot until about an hour ago when I realized the stinking coupon expired...grrr!~ However I still do have the 20 percent off coupon that is in my CK magazine that i can use!!! Better than nothing! The coolest thing I got was my DD her own scrapbook kit. This past week and actually even before that she has been wanting to do crafts with me. It really came up last month when I started working on my christmas cards but I was so busy and in such a rush since I started later than usual I didn't have time to do any with her so I gave her my scraps and then let her look through a huge stack I have of the gift cards you get from different charity organizations and let her glue and stick stuff to her hearts content. I then found some mini gretting card kits at Target for a dollar and thought those were really cool so I got some of those and we did a couple together for her kindergarten teachers. ANyway they had this scrapbook kit on sale at wally world. It came with a book filled with white paper, a bunch of patterned paper, over a thousand stickers, a pair of decorative scissors, a stick of glue(which she was so excited about having her own glue), some pop up dots, about 8 small cards with envelopes, and a ton of other stuff. She was sooooooooooo excited and for once finally listened to me (since she opened it so late) that she could take everything out of the box and out of its wrapping but that once she looked at it we had to put it up until tomorrow. She got one of her old backpacks (another love of hers is any type of bag or purse) and surprisingly gently put everything in her bag. We found an old folder that she could put the paper sheets and sticker sheets in and put all the tiny stuff in plastic baggies. She was so cute with the whole stuff I have never seen her be so aware of things before. She is probably going to dream about it and wake me up first thing in the morning asking me for pictures and if we can scrapbook yet! Oh we went and saw Marley and Me. I just read the book last week! Amazing book and amazing movie! Jen and Owen did a fantastic job! Anyway that has a dog or wants to get a dog or just loves animals go see the movie!

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