Friday, January 02, 2009

I have gotten two scrapbook pages done using my cricut! The coolest thing is I haven't scrapbooked since like June actually I just checked my last page and make that May.

Bathtime- I have had the bathtub and boy cut out thing for like 5 years now. I bought it specifically for these pictures but it has taken me forever to finally get to them. I cut out bathtime with the cricut only I realized after I did it that I used the wrong color for time so it blends into the other paper. I tried tracing it with black in hopes that it would blend in better.

Nate came up with the title for this page.

The first time I took I picture I thought i was missing something but didn't realize till the next day when the swirly things were found under my desk that that is what I was missing,lol.

And since this is also a knitting blog here is the blanket i have been working on since Oct. 23 for my sister and her hubby. One day I hope to finish it! lol

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