Friday, January 30, 2009

Cricut to the rescue

So this week is spirit week at my sons school they had different things they had to do or dress up as each day this week. Since its a private school and they have to wear uniforms , Joey wanted to especially participate since they get to dress down if they participate. Anyway tomorrow is their color day, the school colors are red, white and black. SO I found a red tank top of his and pulled out some 2" stencils I bought several years ago and rarely ever use and some black fabric paint and stenciled his name on the back. Then I was about to do use jersey number (he plays basketball) in the same size but he said that was too small he wanted something bigger and was trying to get me to do it free hand!! NOWAY was I going to attempt that so I got my ruler figured out about what size I wanted got some thick cardstock and cut the number 10 using my cricut, took the numbers out and just used the paper as a stencil and it worked perfectly. He keeps on saying how cool it is which makes me feel even better! I then planned on using the 2" stencils to put SCA on the front of his shirt, but thought that would be too small so I went back to the cricut and cut out 4" letters and did it that way. Since the paint takes so long to dry I wasn't able to do the SCA until 11 last night by then Joey was sleeping. So he didn't see it until this morning and he thanked me like 5 times and said how cool it looked.


  1. How cool is that? Also, you've got to love your son for letting you take the picture!! What a doll he is!

  2. This is soooo cool! What a great mom...and son for thanking you so much!! You ROCK!!!


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