Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to Angela at the for this award! I have never recieved a blog award before! Thank you so much! Now I get to pass this on:
Rule #1: Link back to the person who gave you the award (see above)-I'm not sure I did this right..if not could someone let me know so I can fix it. Thanks

Rule #2: Share seven random things about yourself.
-I love to watch TV
-I do property management
-i drive a minivan-which I hate
-my 14 year old son is 6 foot 5
-I love American Idol
-when i was a kid i wanted to be a cosmotologist
-i wear contacts and sometimes sleep in them

Rule # 3 Award seven newly discovered bloggers with this award.
Here are some blogs for you to check out:

Love your blogs!



  1. Thank you Jackie, this is so sweet of you!! I am now a follower of your your cards and you journals! : )

  2. You are so welcome Karen!!!!!! Thank you for the nice comments!
    : )

  3. Jackie....thanks so much for the award!! I'm working on my post today!! Love your blog!!

  4. You're welcome Laura!

  5. Thank you so much Jackie, I'm so excited to have such a wonderful surprise, and receive the award from you. Wow, a 14 year old who is 6ft 5! I love your blog.
    Carol x

  6. You're welcome Carol!!!!! Yea its crazy having a son so tall! I always make him sit down when I talk to him! LOL!

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Thank you Jackie!! It's so sweet of you to award me this award.

  8. Very impressive..You did a great job.Without you it wouldn`t happened.


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