Monday, May 04, 2009


A friend of mine is having her son's birthday in a few weeks at Chuck E. Cheese. I got the bright idea to offer to make the invitations for her. A few years ago Dollar Tree was selling packs of CEC scrapbook paper and I bought it. I am a nervous wreck about these cards. I make a lot of cards for different occassions. And for the most part I am usually pretty satisfied with the outcome of the card. I am extremely happy about all the Mother's day cards I just made. However I have never made anything for someone that they were planning to send for themself. Below is a picture of the card. You're invited, the RSVP info and the cupcake are all cut from the cricut. The top of the cupcake is colored in my favorite color so far of Stickles. This was the first one I have made and since made 4 made where I added a black strip to the bottom with white ribbon to seperate the patterned paper from the black cardstock. Anyway I just feel like they are too plain or something I don't know. I am driving myself crazy worrying about it though!


  1. I think you did a great job on the invitations. They look great! Show her the cards! She will love them!

  2. They're cute! What are you so worried about?

  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    What do you think about putting a candle in the cupcake? I think that would look great.

  4. No way, not plain at all! On the contrary, very fabulous and fun!!! I love the chuck e cheese paper and the super yummy cupcake! Your invitations are awesome and what a great friend you are to make them up for your pal's son! TFS your super work!

  5. Scrappy,
    I love those invitations! They are so cute! The chuckie Cheese background is an added bonus! You are very creative. I bet you are fun to be around, too! Great job!



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