Friday, April 10, 2009

Cards, Cards, cards

I have really been into card making this past week. Last weekend I spent a bunch of time blog hopping and I realized that the majority of the blogs I follow are all card making related. So my creative card making juices got flowing and I made these three cards. All of the paper is My Mind's Eye and I am pretty sure I got all of the ideas for the cards from Card Sketch a Day. I have also been working on Mother's day cards for the past two days. I plan on making 13 and have done six so far. But I have gotten a kind of creative block or just ran out of card making juice for the moment, or just got tired of my desk being over run with stickles, stamp pads, stamps, scissors, circle cutter, etc.etc. etc. I only have a small space to work on and when it is overwhelmed with stuff it makes the space even smaller. GRRR! I will get some pictures of the Mother's day cards that are done tomorrow and put them up.

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  1. Love the cards! So springy and vibrant! I love how cards can make the seasons feel closer than the cold slush and snow I've had here the past week!


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