Friday, April 20, 2007

This one is my favorite so far. Mainly because I took a chance and did it. I am in a monthly dishcloth group, have been in the group for about a year, but have never participated in any of the KAL until this month. The first dishcloth was a really neat one with three crosses I sent that one to my mom and completely forgot to get a picture of it. The second KAL of the month usually has stitches that I have never tried before, just like this one. I thougth what the heck and tried it anyway. I had a few problems at the begining and had to rip it out a few times but by the second day I did fine as long as I went slow and paid attention. I still ended up having to rip out a few stitches here and then but never more then one row thankfully! I don't think it looks the greatest, especially compared to some of the others I have seen but it's mine and I finished it and I am happy!!!!

This is only the 2nd dishcloth I have made for myself. Considering I have made over 20 dishcloths since August 06, thats saying something. This is such an awesome pattern though. Its the same pattern I am using to make my daughters blanket, the feather and fan, I love washing dishes with it! lol It is such an easy pattern too. I love it so much I am making a bunch of them for Mother's Day gifts. I have done 4 1/2 more so far!

Yea! I actually got finished with it before her turned five!!! lol And actually finished it before he turned one. This is my nephews finished blanket. It looks like it is 2 colors in the picture for some reason but it is not. I never even noticed till my aunt pointed it then I freaked out because it was supposed to be all one color. But my sister assures me that it is one color, its the lighter of the two yellows.


  1. Nice job on your dishcloths!

    Toni in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

  2. Very pretty! I love how the colors worked out on the second one, especially.

  3. I love the color of your diamond drop lace dishcloth. It turned out nice. I really enjoy the feather and fan pattern too!!

  4. Your dishcloths look GREAT!! Very pretty blanket also. I love the color yellow - it is such a happy color

  5. Love them all. I have just started knitting on have been working on my MIL's christmas gift forever and still not done. It will be a super late christmas gift. LOL. Glad I found your blog.


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