Monday, January 17, 2011

Posted pics!

Below are pics of my thank you cards. Here is my first attempt:


I wasn’t sure about it and when I showed it to hubby he mentioned that he didn’t like the white strip on the side and Iagreed, there was just to much white.


So I added the light blue for the background


But then I ran out of blue and picked the neon green! LOL! I used my gypsy to cut the thank, the you and the heart. I can’t remember what carts I used though I embossed all three using my cuttlebug.

034Here’s the scrapbook page that I completed. I didn’t think I was going to like it once I glued down all the pieces but I actually do. I think it’s the colors that I like the most. Stylin’ I cut out using my 9.99 paisley cart. I love this cart so much it is so cute. It totally reminds me of my daughter so its fitting that the first time I used it was on a layout of her. One of the words you can cut out on it is “feisty” which really made me laugh out loud because that was the word the nurses at the hospital used to describe her after she was born! Anyway I used, I think, Gypsy wanderings for the flowers and the centers have a dot of stickles on them. The purple background paper is Bazill but all the other paper is scraps. 035I absolutely love doing the feather and fan pattern. Even though there are 212 stitches this pattern goes by so quickly. It still feels like I am going to be knitting this forever before its done but I have made quite a dent in it. I am also going to have to get a lot more yarn than I originally bought.  I have gone through a lot more yarn already than I thought I would. I only have 2.5 more skeins left and I’m not even halfway done yet. I think I am doing something wrong.




  1. Jackie, you cards are really cute. The Thanks really popped more after you added the blue.

    I love your afghan. Wish I was patient enough to knit like that. I can do it, just get tired of it and don't finish if its a big project. Love your colors also.

  2. Thanks Lynn! I get bored quickly too! In fact i haven't done much more on it since I posted these pics. I am afraid I won't get it finished until summertime and then she will have to put it away until winter! Hmm her bday is in November maybe I will she make it for a birthday gift hten I have lots of time to finish!!!


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