Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Media, Paparazzi, etc.

Annoy the crap out of me!!!! I have been watching the news the past week over the guy “with the golden voice” from Columbus, Ted Williams..maybe they should of checked his history before they made him a “star” because it hasn’t even been a week and they are already throwing him under the bus. I have been watching the interview he has been doing with Dr. Phil and Dr. Phil has brought up everything wrong thing he has done over the past 20+ years. Did Ted Williams have a shady past? YUP, there’s no doubt. But has he deserved what the media has done to him this past week, nope. I really hope he succeeds and does well and stays clean. Today watching Dr. Phil I felt so bad for Ted, his kids where there, his ex-wife was there and they all got their chance to point out how much he has disappointed them. At least his ex has said she had forgiven him a long time ago. The poor guy looked like a deer in head lights. He isn’t a celebrity he’s just a regular person that has screwed up, yet the media acts like he was perfect and has done all this screwing up in the past week. I really believe he needed to have that meeting with his family, but he needed it in privacy not for the whole world to see. Leave him alone and let him try to get on with his life. I really hope Dr. Phil was sincere when he said he wanted to stay in his life and help him. However since I saw the previews for tomorrow and its another episode with Ted, I am really starting to think that he is only doing it for the ratings.




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