Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1-Mom’s afghan


A few years ago I made a feather and fan blanket for my younger sister and her hubby. I made it with homespun yarn I think I have pictures of it somewhere on the this blog. After I made that I made my mom and afghan. I used a pattern I found in the creative knitting magazine. I guess she really liked the look of Ali and Rich’s blanket though so over this past Christmas she asked me to make one like that for her. I was a bit worried, she told me she wanted blues, browns, and grey’s in the blanket but she was very particular about the blues. I looked at so many different types of yarn combinations at Michaels I was driving myself crazy but I couldn’t decided on anything. I was telling my older sister about this and she said well you know whatever you decide she will love. So that comment did make me feel a bit better, but I would feel even better if I knew for 100 percent that she likes it as well. Anyway…above is my first day of rows. I am using Country Loom yarn. The darker color is called landscape and has blues, and browns in it. The lighter color is called shale and has browns, cream and grays. It really looks so much prettier in person. I really hope she likes it!




  1. It looks great Jackie! I love the colors!

  2. thanks veronica!!!

  3. She's gonna love it! Love the colors, hon :)


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