Saturday, January 08, 2011

9.99 Cricut cartridges!

No crafting today!! Oops! Craft  buying though!!!!! I had heard from one of my online craft groups that Michaels had some cricut cartridges on sale for 9.99. The ad I read said it wasn’t supposed to start until Sunday, but I thought I would go and see today just in case. I had to show a rental property I manage which is in the area that Michaels is so I thought It was the perfect time to check it out. So after I showed the rental I went to Michaels. While I was driving to Michaels it was snowing! IT looked so pretty. Anyway, Michaels just had a bin in the front of the store which I assume at some point held several dozen cartridges but by the time I got there they only only had two left of Jubilee and about 9 left of Paisley. I grab the Paisley cart and started walking around to see what other deals they had. I grabbed a paisley embossing folder for my cuttlebug. Also grabbed three extra stylus’ for my gypsy they had on sale for 3.99 and a white pen I have needed forever. I then decided to go back up and grabbed the Jubilee cart just because. I never ever would of bought either of these carts if they had cost anymore than 9.99. I remember when Paisley first came out I thought ewww. I don’t like that. However after adding it to my gypsy and checking it out the booklet. I absolutely love it! It is so cute. THe sayings on it are adorable and all the little figures on it are so cute!! I am so glad I got it! Tomorrow(hopefully) I plan on getting my thank you cards done! Crossing fingers> At this point it isn’t lack of time its just being to lazy to get in there and get them done. I have been doing laundry, and I cooked dinner so I didn’t waste the whole day! I also watched the Grey’s anatomy from the other day! Awesome episode. And now I am catching up on the depressing Interventions that I have dvr’d over the past month! Now hopefully the next time I post will be my thank you cards!


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