Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taking a break

I haven’t done any crafting for the past few days. We’ve been busy. Friday we went to Water Country USA. Saturday was hubby’s birthday and we went to a barbecue and then went to see an awesome concert! We saw CrEED!!!!! What an awesome concert! We got to see them last year and this year was even better! Sunday I had to recover from the previous busy week and catch up on all the laundry. Monday was my daughters birthday. We took her and three of her BFF’s to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner! They all had tons of fun. Today was spent playing with my daughters new toys and grocery shopping. One of the things we got her for her birthday was her own 12X12 scrapbook kit. So she now has her own paper, her own sleeves and her own book. So tomorrow we will be scrappin’! I wonder how long she will last before she just has to have something of mine!


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