Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day gift and scrappy idea!

So the week before last I saw a Michaels ad that said that Disney Cricut cartridges were going to be on sale the week before Mother's day for 29.99. Considering the fact that they are normally 89.00 dollars that is a super deal. So I told Nate and he said well I know what I am getting you for Mother's day. Well then i was thinking that 2 would be even better. Because he would save so much money if he bought me two! lol My logic is astounding!!! Anyway boy was I shocked when he got me all three that I wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also bought me roses and a beautiful card!!

So a few weeks ago I asked the ladies in the scrapbooking group I help moderate how they store their ribbon. Up to this point I had been storing it in this plastic bin that has all these seperated square sections. I had taken all the yarn off the spools, wrapped it around these cardboard pieces and stored it in there. But once that was filled and I started getting more yarn I just threw it in a shoe box but soon that got filled up. So I was trying to come up with a easy cheap way to store yarn that would also make it easily accessible since I also hate taking it off the spools and it just hanging there. So i know they sell all these different kinds of bags and stuff were you put the ribbon inside and pull it out through the hole and I thought well maybe I can make my own. We eat a lot of lunch meat around here and I get the Deli Selects kind that comes in those plastic Glad reusable containers so we have tons of these so I thought why don't I put them to good use. And I poked holes in the tops of two of them and stuffed them with ribbon and pulled the ribbon through the holes. And this is how it turned out:

I haven't used it yet so I don't know how tangled up they are inside there. Hopefully not to bad and that they will work like I want them too. i have 14 ribbons in each. I have enough ribbon left to fill up two more. At least that is until I get some more!


  1. Awww soo sweet!!! Love the tinkerbell one as well.

    Let me know how the ribbon thing works! I am looking for something for my ribbon and that would be a great way to save money!

  2. Great idea. TFS

  3. wow your a LUCKY girl!


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