Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poor Neptune, we have no clue where he has been for the past 3 days but it must have been traumatic to him. Last night when he came home he rubbed up agaisnt everything he could get his body on. And then after about an hour of that I was sitting at my desk about to get started on making a card for my niece who turns five next week and Neptune plopped himself right in front of me:
Poor thing I don't think he has ever had to experience the "wilderness" in his life. However about an hour after he came home Joey went to let Zina, our dog, out and Neptune went running to be let out too. UH no I don't think so. We won't be going through that again!

My next picture is of these awesome flowers I bought from Cutters Creek I love any type of decorative flowers anyways but I think these are the best I have ever seen! They are made by Bazzill~ I not only recommend you buying them but totally buy them from Cutters Creek, Kim is so awesome! Anyway these flowers are beautiful:

Now on to what I worked on this morning. My niece Vivian will be 5 on April 1. And the theme is Princess! I went to Walmart yesterday and got her a Disney princess cash register thing, this really cute little disney princess purse that came with gloves and a necklace and this "pearl" disney princess necklace and ring. Then I bought a bunch of glittery princess type stuff and spent this morning making a card, decorating the envelope and the gift bag. I don't think i have ever had so much glittery pink stuff in one space in my life! lol Here are the pics:

The bag is on the left, I cut out the Princess Vivian with my cricut but I am really bad at measuring so the P and the last S on princess go off the edge of the bag. I then used two different colors of stickles to outline the letters. I also got some jewels from walmart can't remember the company and the little stars are between each letter of her name. The two crowns and the castle came from this plastic box filled with princess glitter stickers. And to finish it off is pink ribbon that says princess across it. Her card is in the middle, I cut out the five with my cricut and the crown sticker I got from Walmart there is a button at the top of the tiara that you can press and it lights up! I highlighted the five with stickles and also all around the center cardstock. I also got a Martha Stewart thingy to make the decorative edge on the bottom. The envelope is on the right the fives came from my cricut and are decorated with stickles and I wrote out Princess Vivian with stickle as well. The crown is actually supposed to be the backing of the crown that goes on the crown on her card but I didn't realize that until after I pulled it off, I don't want to go there, lol
Here is the inside of her card. Just a quote i found on the internet and I used the Martha Stewart punch to decorate the edge of the white paper.

Last for today is the page I completed last weekend. It is #17 of 52 layouts. I had a heck of a time getting a layout down that I liked. I was determined to use that decorative paper it was so neat and went so well with the pictures. It is glittery plus I just loved the shape of it. I got it in a paper pack from Michaels and now I cannot remember the company that makes it. Anyway it was pain in the butt to figure out a way to lay out the pictures that would work. I cut out the word Teething with my cricut and then highlighted them with of course Stickles! The flowers came in a pack from Michaels I think they are memory makers flowers but I am not sure. The layout says when you your ten months and teething everything goes in your mouth. These are pics of my daughter in 2004.


  1. Really great projects!! Thanks for becoming a friend of my blog. I see you have a hello kitty on the bottom of your blog. I LOVE hello kitty. I have been showing a picture a month of my hello kitty in different clothes. Do you think I am weird? Thanks for stopping by, hope to chat again soon!!

  2. Hi Jackie! Oh wowey, how I love finding new and inspiring blogs! Your work is awesome, I love the disney bag--it looks fabulous, Omgosh!!! And the cards and the gifts, sounds like some little almost-five-yr-old is one lucky girl to have such a wonderful and talented auntie :) I love that scrapbook page, too! What a fab lo and your daughter is so sweet! Great stuff, tfs and i'll be visiting ya lots now that I know about ya, hehe! smiles, new friend

  3. Your projects inspire me! Thanks for following my blog! What a fun gift for your niece! So fun to be the princess of the day. Also the knitting is fabulous as well ttyl.

  4. What an adorable cat! I used to have a cat named Neptune, as well, when I was a little girl.

    I thought how you had the letters just off the edges of the bag looked great - it makes the word jump off at you!

    I'll have to look for that decorative scrapbook page next time I'm at Michaels, it looks so nice!

  5. Oh my gosh! you've been busy! Great job on everything!.

  6. Thanks so much everyone!!!! You all have absolutely made my day!!!! Thanks for following me too!!!

  7. Jackie,

    You did a great job on all of these projects!!! I can not wait to see more of your work!!!

    You are right there are so so so many wonderful stampers and bloggers out there I could hop and hop all day!!!


  8. awwwww all your cards are gorgous i love your blog because its so summery and bright all ready for summer


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