Monday, May 05, 2008

This was Christmas 1998, however i didn't do it until last october.

All of these where done last year until i say otherwise. This was from 1999

This was from a car accident my hubby got in with my Tempo, also in 99

This was me in 1999, i think this is like only the second scrapbook page I have of myself, lol

I just finished this one over the weekend. The letters Spring are chipboard letters that I painted and then put paper glaze on that made them glossy and pop. This was from 2000.

This is the second half of the above layout. The butterflies, birds and flowers are all chipboard.

These pics were from 99, taken shortly after we became Nascar fans with our brand new Jeff Gordon shirts on.

Florida 99-completed last year.

Ouch-completed last year- pics taken in 1999

Pics taken in 99 of course,lol. However I have now completed the 1999 album! This page is titled to be like daddy-Joey was imitating everything Nate did.

Joey's third birthday-99. I baked a car cake then decorated it. It looked awesome. I did it in Jeff Gordon colors!

More pics from 99-layout completed last year.

Pics from September 99-layout completed last year.

This is the last layout from 99. More pics of Nate and Joey.

Pics from 2000, layout completed last week. The letters for Joey and the two circles are chipboard and again I painted them and then put the paper glaze on them.

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